Do you remember Strolling in the Gardens? This event is now called Peeking at the Buren: this means that hosts can also participate with a living room instead of a garden. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

Foundation de Bühne has been organizing Strolling in the Gardens in The Hague every year for years. residents could attend performances in the gardens of other townspeople. In other cities, the big brother Gluren bij de Buren arose during the winter months. The organization now chooses to continue with one name.

What is Peeking at the Buren?

Peeking at the Buren is the festival where the carpet is the stage and the couch is the grandstand. Are the performances in the garden? Then the garden chairs are the new red plush and the terrace the ballet floor. residents open their living room or garden for an act and to the public from the neighbourhood.

Different acts

One act will be linked to each participating location, which will perform three times on Sunday afternoon 3 July 30 minutes at fixed times in The Hague. Visitors can map out a route and hop from location to location.

Come Sunday, July 3 from 06.00 until 13. hours to Peeking at the Neighbors. The entrance fee? Pay what you can. More information about the participating locations can be found on the website


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