A coach with schoolchildren and their supervisors caught fire on Friday afternoon on the N18 between Eibergen and Groenlo. All passengers and the driver were able to exit the bus safely. Only some personal belongings of the occupants went up in flames.

The images clearly show that the vehicle is completely burnt out, although three fire engines were quickly on site to to extinguish. According to Tubantia, there were about twenty children from the Marianum school in Lichtenvoorde on the bus. They were on their way back from a school trip when the bus engine soon caught fire.

Stone marten The driver managed to get the coach into an emergency parking lot. The newspaper reports that the students and teachers saved themselves by jumping over a dry ditch.

According to Tubantia, the cause of the fire may be a stone marten. The firefighters would have sprayed an animal from the bus when putting out the fire, probably a stone marten. After the fire, the road between Eibergen was closed for some time for repair work.


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