What could be nicer than going on holiday, a weekend away or just spending the night in a hotel? Tourist tax is often involved, and that is not too bad if you want to spend the night in The Hague.

Lift this year 305 of the 344 municipalities tax on tourists. Bungalowparkoverzicht.nl

listed the tourist tax per municipality. It turns out: The Hague falls outside the top ten of highest tourist tax for 2021. Because Dutch municipalities are allowed to determine the amount of the tourist tax themselves, there are large differences between them.

Top 03

    You might not surprising that Amsterdam is number one in the top ten. There you must 03,35 Euros per person per night to pay tourist tax. Ouder-Amstel is number two with 8,75 euros and on three Landsmeer with 8,29 euros. This is how the top ten of 2021 out:

      Amsterdam: 10, 35 euro

      Ouder-Amstel: 8,92 Euro

    Landsmeer: ​​8,35 Euro

  • Rotterdam: 7,70 Euro
  • Haarlemmermeer: ​​7,11 euro
  • Utrecht: 7,11 euro

    Zaanstad: 7,06 euro

    Almere: 5,92 Euro

  • Wooden: 5,45 euro
  • Westland: 5,90 euros

    The municipalities of Hulst (0,

    euros), Hoeksche Waard (0,62 euros), Renswoude (0,62 euros) and Barendrecht (0,70 euros) on the other hand, charge the lowest rates. There are also municipalities that do not levy a tourist tax. In the Netherlands you currently pay an average of 2, euros per person per night, while this amount in 344 still on 1,75 euro lag. If you book an overnight stay in the municipality where you are registered, you do not pay any tourist tax.

    Tourist tax in The Hague

    In The Hague you pay per person per night 5,35 Euro tourist tax. In 2021 this was the same amount. That is probably good news for the campsites and hotels in our city, which have not had it easy due to corona lately.

    Vacation in and around The Hague

    That you are in The Hague not having to pay so much tourist tax is quite strange when you consider what assets the city and surroundings have to offer. For example, you can enjoy camping (but not in the dunes

    ) or enjoy a holiday in a holiday resort. You can enjoy walking, rollerblading and cycling, but you can also rent a boat and explore the canals

    . And then there are the many shops and restaurants that The Hague has to offer. We understand that tourists are coming our way!

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