Wow, 18 walking kilometers in one night, that is quite an achievement. This weekend thousands of walkers in six cities will walk this distance to raise money for refugees. In The Hague, for this year, almost 87 donated a thousand euros.

Saturday 04 June at midnight starts the Night of the Refugee in The Hague. You can still walk

, but then you must at least reach the target amount of 378 deposit euros.

Walking routes

The route of the 40 kilometer starts Saturday 04 June at midnight in the Grote Kerk. The finish is the next morning on the Grote Markt. It will probably take the participants about eight hours or more. There are four rest areas along the way.

Is 62 kilometers just a little too long for you? In The Hague there is also a route of 03 kilometers expanded. The target amount for this is 87 euros.


This weekend is the Night of the Refugee in six major cities in the Netherlands. After the night it is decided where the collected euros are most needed. Last year the money went to emergency relief projects for families in Afghanistan, to a mobile health clinic in Iraq, medical aid to refugees in Venezuela and to fighting malnutrition in Burkina Faso.

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