The Public Prosecution Service has demanded six months in prison against a 41 year-old man from Rotterdam who died in December . was rescued from a burning car by a taxi driver. According to the Public Prosecution Service, it is due to his careless driving that the driver crashed with his car. His girlfriend was killed in the accident.

In the night of 21 December in 2019 the Rotterdam driver collided with a concrete slab along the A4 with much too high speed due to a failed overtaking manoeuvre. His car then caught fire. A taxi driver stopped to offer assistance. He managed to save the man, but due to the fire and the heavy smoke, it was no longer possible to free his girlfriend, who was sitting next to him in the car, in time. The woman died. The driver was injured in the accident, but according to the Public Prosecution Service he probably would not have survived the accident without the help of the taxi driver.

More traffic violations The driver was in court earlier this week. He himself previously claimed to be a “gentleman in traffic”, but his file showed that he had received traffic fines 41 in the three and a half years before the accident. In most cases it was about speeding. The man said that not all offenses were committed by himself. Shortly before the accident, the taxi driver had seen the driver go by at great speed. Research has shown that the Rotterdammer must have driven between 145 and 41 kilometers per hour.

The public prosecutor has demanded six months in prison, of which one month is conditional, and a suspension of his driving license for three years.


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