FNV demands a penalty of 13 from the court on Thursday. euros for every day that taxi company Uber does not comply with a court ruling from last September. In it, the court in Amsterdam ruled that Uber drivers are employees and that the taxi collective agreement must therefore be complied with.

The union is angry that Uber has not yet committed itself. and therefore goes to court again. FNV thinks it is all taking too long and is now trying to get Uber to comply with the taxi collective agreement in the short term with a new lawsuit. In the case, the union asks the judge to impose a penalty on Uber of 13. euros per day as long as the company does not comply with the ruling, with a maximum of 10 million euros.

‘Forcing to behave differently’ “That is a hefty penalty, but unfortunately that is necessary to force this kind of powerful multinationals to behave differently. It is now up to the judge to rule on this,” says Zakaria Boufangacha, Vice-President FNV.

After the judge’s ruling last year, Uber announced that it would appeal. Earlier this year, the Amsterdam Court of Appeal ruled that six self-employed drivers will also be admitted as a party. These drivers disagree that they have been classified as employees of Uber by the judge’s ruling. They don’t feel like employment because they find it financially unfavorable and they fear that they will lose freedom and flexibility. FNV is not happy with the drivers’ admission. A request from the Transport Pension Fund to join the proceedings in the appeal was rejected to the disappointment of the union.

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