The Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal recently ruled in favor of two TTOs. The municipality of Amsterdam should not have imposed a penalty for non-compliance with the regulations on Taxistad and Take a Taxi (TAT). They therefore do not have to pay the fines imposed earlier.

The verdict is preceded by a long legal battle. In it, not only did both TTOs institute several lawsuits against the municipality of Amsterdam, but the drivers of both TTOs also went to court. Legally they turned against their employers, but in fact the drivers and the TTOs always had the same goal in mind. They want less strict sanctions, especially for minor violations of the taxi rules in Amsterdam. The TTOs and the drivers think this is going too far. In addition, the sanctions would create unfair competition with taxi services that are not bound by the rules of the boarding market. TAT and Taxistad therefore supported the demands of the drivers.

College of Appeal for Business In the most recent In the case, Taxistad and Take a Taxi tried to win the case with the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (CBb), the highest court in the field of socio-economic administrative law. They appealed against the decision of the municipality of Amsterdam to impose fines on both companies for violating the conditions attached to the TTO license.

And with success. According to the College, the taxi companies had ended up in an impossible position due to all those legal entanglements. They were caught between on the one hand the demands of the municipality of Amsterdam to impose measures on the drivers and on the other hand the drivers who initiated proceedings against the civil court because they did not agree that their employers should act in practice. as a municipal officer. The two TTOs do not have to pay the fines imposed earlier and the municipality has to pay the legal costs of both taxi companies.

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