Long shall we live in the Gloria! The editors of Indebuurt The Hague celebrate this week that the site exists five years. For five years we have been providing you with the best news, facts and tips about outings, good food and shopping. To celebrate, we are handing out prizes every day this week.

Good food that can of course be done very well in The Hague. That is why you regularly read about the best restaurant tips with us. Thanks to our anniversary, you now have a chance to go out for a nice dinner for free at one of the newest restaurants in town: BlueBlood.


From restaurant BlueBlood, the new restaurant in the Hilton hotel in The Hague, we can be a lucky winner something very offer fun. Today’s winner will receive a dinner voucher worth 200 euros. This way you can also take someone with you to this new hotspot in The Hague.

Have a chance? Sign up below for the newsletter of indebuurt The Hague. You will then automatically participate in the giveaway and will be kept informed of the latest news and inspiring stories from The Hague. Already subscribed to the newsletter? Don’t worry, you can still participate in the promotion. You will of course not receive duplicate newsletters. You can participate up to and including 13 June.

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