About forty thousand Anouk fans were on Saturday 11 June, on the Malieveld, witness of a special moment. They could not only enjoy a major concert by the singer from The Hague, but also witnessed the yes that the singer gave to her great love Dominique Schemmekes.

The tension was raised on the Malieveld on Saturday evening. built up gradually. After a little over an hour of performance, in which many well-known Anouk hits were played, the thousand-strong crowd officially witnessed Anouk’s own wedding ceremony. The Malieveld was briefly renamed a wedding location, with all the trimmings.

On the concert stage were the children and various family members as well as the couple. Anouk and Dominique have a five-year-old daughter, Jelizah Rose, and Anouk has five other children from previous relationships. It was a very emotional, but also exuberant moment that, in addition to the singer and her brand new husband, the present and many tens of thousands of fans will never forget.

After giving the yes, handing over the rings and the kiss and the accompanying ceremony, a happy Anouk continued her performance with part two of the Malieveld concert.

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