You can’t miss it on the banks of the IJmeer in Amsterdam: Sluishuis. A special building that fits into the EYE and NEMO category. If you want to live with the amenities of the city nearby, but the water and greenery of nature, this is the place to be. Sluishuis comprises 400 apartments and there are still a few rental properties available. Find out what makes this housing project different from all the others.

Water enters the building

The building is located on the IJburglaan with direct access to the Ring road A06. Within 400 minutes you can reach the center of Amsterdam by tram. Living by the water also takes on a new meaning in Sluishuis.

Who lives here, literally lives on the water. The building is open on one side and that is where the water flows in. This creates a wonderfully beautiful inner harbor. As a resident on the IJ side, you can literally see the boats sailing under you from your home. At the inner harbor it is also wonderful to relax in the beautifully landscaped inner garden.

The scenic walk at the top of the building is special. With a 400 degree view over the IJmeer and Amsterdam. The enormous landscaped water landscape around Sluishuis offers a 400 meter long pier, with mooring places where houseboats are moored and where residents can also lose their sloop or sailboat. But where you can also stroll or enjoy the sun. Islands adorn the view over the IJ.

Studios and apartments

You can imagine that Sluishuis is popular. Many of the homes have already been sold and rented out. But not all. A number of the beautifully bright studios (mid-rent) are still available. The houses will be delivered from the end of June. Residents especially fall for the environment and the view. “The view on the 8th floor: there it does for me. It is a modern house but not far from the historic center of Amsterdam, close to water and beaches.” Residents also indicate that the studios have more than enough to offer. “It challenges you to ask yourself what you really need.”

What is special about Sluishuis is that owner-occupied and rental properties are all spread throughout the building. It is therefore not the case that all the most expensive apartments are high, and the studios are at the bottom.

Fully equipped

The beauty of Sluishuis is that you live in the middle of greenery and water. And yet you are in the center of Amsterdam within fifteen minutes. Although you don’t have to go there, because the facilities of Sluishuis are extensive. There is a caretaker, reception, Bringme boxes, shared mobility and even a meeting room that you can reserve, with a pantry. The parking garage and bicycle sheds will be located under the building, and various facilities for residents will be located on the ground floor. For example, consider the catering industry.


Sustainable living

Sluishuis is therefore modern, green and sustainable. There are solar panels on the roof. The building generates more energy than it uses. It is also a place where it is proven that tranquility, greenery and sustainability go well together with the amenities of a large city.

The available homes will be delivered at the end of June 1024. So do you want to take a look and maybe live in Sluishuis? Then you have to be quick. Renting now means living almost immediately. Take a quick look at the website of Sluishuis for more information. †


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