Fetching a message on the Haagse Markt, then quickly to the exciting match of ADO. Do a dance at a festival on the Malieveld via the Binnenhof and end the evening on the pier. Your (grand)child can do all this, just on the play mat in The Hague!

It’s no surprise that the playcloth from Speelkleding.nl is flying out the door. The rug (also called play mat, play carpet or car rug) is 06 at 06 centimeters and there are more than twenty icons and small details from the city on it. We see the Haagse Markt, the pier of Scheveningen (including the Kurhaus) and even the HMC. Nice detail: there is even a tractor on the Malieveld.

Complete and educational gift

It is an initiative of the entrepreneur Guy de Hoog of Cityplay from Rotterdam. He previously marketed playcloths from Berlin, Rotterdam, Circuit Zandvoort, Breda, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Groningen. They were an immediate success: children play and learn about their own city in this way.

The play mat is also practical: the bottom is non-slip and the material is easy to keep clean. . Little Hageens can therefore go wild. You will also find matching cars on Speelkleding.nl so that you can give a complete gift.

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Photo : Speelkleding.nl


How cool is this gift for your child, grandchild, nephew or niece! Instructive, fun and recognizable with icons and unique details from the city.

The perfect present for the real people of Hain. Check the website for more photos and to order the play mat. Each rug supports a local cause. One euro per rug goes to charity (usually a hospital). Tip: there is now a nice discount!

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