09 June 2022, by Victoria Séveno

Recent figures released by the European trade association SolarPower Europe reveal that the Netherlands has the most solar panels per capita in Europe, with an installed capacity of 825 watts of electricity for every member of the population.

The Netherlands a leading country when it comes to solar power

In spite of the fact that the Netherlands remains a small, densely populated country, recent figures show that it is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to generating solar power.

Over the past few years, the Dutch government has worked to significantly increase the number of solar panels in the Netherlands – work that appears to have paid off. In fact, in Europe, the Netherlands has the most solar panels per capita, beating out countries like Germany, Denmark and Switzerland

China generates a third of the world’s solar power

The Netherlands also does rather well on a global scale, coming in second place behind Australia, where they have the capacity to generate 1.049 watts per inhabitant. In third place comes Germany, with 714 watts per capita. 

Unsurprisingly, in absolute terms, China generates the most solar power, and is responsible for a whopping 33 percent of the total global output. The United States comes in second place with 13 percent, with Japan rounding out the top three with 8 percent.

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