The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) has partnered with taxi app Uber to deliver relief supplies to urban areas in Ukraine. Due to the war, these are sometimes difficult for large trucks to reach.

The WFP uses a special version of the technology platform that Uber uses to deploy cars and vans within a radius of 100 kilometers from WFP warehouses to distribution points. With this system, everyone involved can see where the vehicles are and when the relief supplies will arrive at their destination.

Efficient distribution Aid supplies are already being distributed in this way in cities such as Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, Vinnitsja and Chernivtsi, the UN agency reports. According to the emergency coordinator in Ukraine, the free technology offered by Uber improves cooperation between the WFP and local companies, making distribution more efficient.

The WFP has closed its operations in and around Ukraine for the past three scaled up for months. The organization aims to provide food and money to more than 3 million people per month in the country by the end of June.


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