The smell of freshly baked bread around you all day long, regularly taste delicious and then sell all the beautiful things to your customers with a friendly chat. That is working at the bakery in a nutshell. Does that sound good to you? Master baker Remmerswaal Roodenrijs has several vacancies open and gives six reasons why you would like to work there.

The smell makes people happy

The smell of fresh bread makes people happy. Seeing beautiful pastries and bread is also good for you and your customers. How nice is it that you can enjoy it all day long?

Happy baking

At Master baker Remmerswaal Roodenrijs you can put the croissants, sausage rolls and filled cakes in the oven yourself. Place bread rolls on the baking tray, brush with egg, decorate and bake if necessary: ​​you do it all yourself. So you are also a bit of a baker yourself (without the early working hours!).


If you are at Master baker Remmerswaal Roodenrijs works, you have to taste everything. You must know what you are selling! Not everything at once, of course, but you always taste new products. And you can also let the customers taste them.


If there is one word that best describes working at the bakery, it is fun. You chat with the customers all day and every day is different. If a customer comes for a birthday cake or a bag of croissants, there is a story attached to everything.

You become a real specialist

You become a real specialist because of the enormous amount of knowledge that you gradually gain in the bakery. You learn about the different types of bread, from which and how it is made or how a pastry can best be stored. You will learn from your colleagues and from the training you receive from Master baker Remmerswaal Roodenrijs.


If you work at a bakery you have many types of work, so your job is very varied. In addition to selling and baking, you also furnish the counter in a cozy way, wrap your cookies or make a nice present out of it.

You also advise on bread types, clean and make sure everything looks tip-top.

Have you become enthusiastic? View all part-time and full-time vacancies of Meesterbakker Remmerswaal Roodenrijs here and apply today. †

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