When you buy a ticket or are a member of one of the lotteries, you naturally hope for it; winning a big cash prize. Of course you are very happy when you win a prize. Sandy from The Hague was very lucky. The lucky guy won 1.000.05 euro!

Sandy was invited to the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam last week with an excuse . There Gerard Joling asks about her wishes when she ever wins a nice cash prize. Sandy actually says he has no wishes for himself except maybe another house. When Gerard shows the huge check to the lucky winner on behalf of the Vriendenloterij, she still has a good plan with the million.

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New house

When the check for a million euros comes out, Sandy has a plan with the money. “I have been sharing my bedroom with my daughter for a number of years, so there will definitely be a house.” We wholeheartedly wish her that house with those extra room(s)!

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