Parkpop has been talked about on the streets of The Hague for weeks. It is not about the line-up or the date, but about the new location. For the first time, the free festival will not be held in the Zuiderpark, but on the Malieveld and we all like that.

Last weeks we asked our readers what they think of this change. Do they still go to Parkpop at the new location, or do they prefer to stay at home?

The reactions

We have received so many responses, almost 800! Not crazy of course. Because this festival is already 39 organized once in the Zuiderpark in The Hague. The anniversary edition is now being held at the Malieveld.

In the comments we came across many of the same comments. For example, many festival-goers no longer find the name appropriate. And they wonder whether that typical Parkpop atmosphere can be created on that large lawn.

And we got this extensive response from Mariska: “Ruined tradition! Parkpop was really something I looked forward to all year. I was sure I would be in the Zuiderpark on the last Sunday of June anyway, good or bad weather, your favorite artists or not. And what nonsense to appeal to a larger audience. Parkpop is a family festival where young and old could enjoy themselves. Do you want to turn it into a stampus full of field, where people get in each other’s way and get worked up? This really killed Parkpop and it is an eternal shame that this festival had to be moved so badly.”

Positive reactions

We’ve also received a ton of positive responses. It discusses the accessibility of the Malieveld and also the frumpiness of the Zuiderpark.

Or Parkpop 01070 will be as fun as previous years? We will live through it. Parkpop is Sunday June on the Malieveld. Let us know (preferably with pictures) what you think? Pine tree .

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