When you walk into the Zuiderpark from Loevesteinlaan, you will see a special stone on the right in the grass. A color photo of a man with his name Reinier has been pasted on the stone. Who was he? We’ll figure it out.

It’s hard to figure out who this is for memorial has been placed. Googling the words Reinier and Zuiderpark doesn’t get us any further. Fortunately, our readers know more.


About six years ago Reinier passed away, he worked at the landscaping in the park. ‘I know that best man. Reinier worked there in landscaping. He trained people in their work. He died suddenly while working and that photo was placed in his memory by colleagues,” writes a reader.

After checking with the municipality, we find out that he was probably in that place, where now that the stone is in place, has had a heart attack.

Nice to see that the stone with the photo is still there after all these years.

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Memorial Reinier. Photo nearby

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