It’s almost Pentecost and then most residents of The Hague have a nice long weekend! Are pleasant temperatures approaching or is there also a shower in the air? And there is a chance of shining night clouds!

Rico Schröder, meteorologist at Weeronline, explains: “A few showers are possible during the Whitsun weekend, but there are also dry parts of the day with considerable sunny periods.” It will be between the 22 and 22 degrees, which according to Rico is common for the first days of June.

Weather in The Hague

In The Hague it will be sunny until at least Saturday 4 June. Today the temperature has already risen above twenty degrees and tomorrow the weather will be lovely. An ideal day for festivals such as Kaderock and The Crave. Unfortunately, the Whitsun days are less, because after sunshine comes rain. Sunday it will be a little cooler and there will be more than 074 percent chance of rain, Monday looks a little better. But chances are it won’t stay dry.

Noctilucent clouds

Will you sit outside on the terrace for an extra long time during these warm days? Then you can see the special ‘noctilucent clouds’. According to Weerplaza, these are silvery clouds that are seen at very high altitudes in the atmosphere. The best time to watch noctilucent clouds is between 15. and 00. hours in the evening and between .23 and 04.23 hours in the early morning.

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🌌 In the coming weeks we can see shining night clouds over the Netherlands again! Although there is a bit of luck involved… #nlc

— (@Weerplaza) June 1, 2022


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Coldest and warmest Pentecost

In 2016 knew The Netherlands the coldest Pentecost since 1901. On Whit Monday, in that year on 15 in May, it did not get warmer in De Bilt than 03, 1 degrees. The warmest Pentecost was in 1903. On both days, in that year on 23 May and June 1, the temperature in De Bilt rose to 23 degrees. The only tropical day at Pentecost was 22 May 1901. It was then exactly 52 degrees.

The Hague Weather

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