Mall of the Netherlands has another gem of a store and this time one that goes far beyond the borders: Plumule Expat Store . The name already suggests it, this is a store where you get snacks from all over the world. The place to be for expats but also if you like to try it out. Or have lived abroad for a while. Owner Florence, herself from England, tells all about it. “Pop-Tarts and Faming Hot Cheetos are going crazy here.”

Looking for Twinkies, Creme Eggs, Pop-Tarts, Marmite, Skippy Peanut Butter or that special Flaming Hot Cheetos? At Plumule Expat Store they have it all. The British Florence is the owner and already runs a successful branch in Rotterdam.

When she came to live in the Netherlands, she missed certain products that she knew from home. Whenever she had visited relatives, she would return with suitcases full of food. Was it finished? Then she asked friends to send them the products.

Feeling at home

The idea for Plumule Expat Store was born: “My shop is a place where expats feel at home because they can find products from their home country. We produce products from the US and England, but also from Nigeria, my native country, for example. And salsa and baked goods from South America.”

That’s why Plumule calls itself ‘Your Feel At Home Store‘: you will find British, American, African, Caribbean, European and Latin American products. So you will find food and snacks from all over the world on the shelves (and the webshop). Think of chips, herbs, chocolate, sauces, cookies, mac & cheese, beer and – very popular – soft drinks and energy drinks.

Florence is very proud of the newest location of Plumule Expat Store. Read more under the photos >

Photos: Plumule Expat Store

Webshop and Instagram

So whether you’re on Are you looking for your favorite snack, are homesick for products from your native country or fancy an international pantry: feel free to drop by Plumule Expat Store in Mall of the Netherlands. Are you curious if Florence also sells your favorite foreign product? Then visit the webshop of Plumule or follow them on Instagram!

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