Tamar and her neighbor Pieter-Jan live wonderfully on the Scheveningseslag, near the boulevard. “We always have clean air and I can see the beach and the sea from the balcony,” Tamar says. But it is no longer so nice to live, now that there are barriers at the end of the street. “I can’t even get to the parking garage anymore.”

Last year the municipality started a trial: closing the Scheveningen boulevard with barriern. Only one car can pass through at a time and if the parking spaces are all occupied, the boulevard is completely closed. The barriers are there to prevent long traffic jams on the boulevard and to ensure that street racers stay away.

In line for your own garage

“I understand that something needs to be done to better guide traffic during busy days. But this is not the solution,” says Pieter-Jan. He has been living in the cozy side street for about six years. From the Gevers Deynootweg you drive past them towards the boulevard. “They used to close off the street below, that works better than this.”

Because the barrier allows only one car to pass at a time, there is already a traffic jam in this small street, even on not very busy days. “I have a maintenance company and my bus is in our garage. I regularly have to go up and down, but when there is a traffic jam I can’t get in or out of the garage at all.”

His neighbor Tamar also has that problem. “Especially when we have picked up the children from school and want to go home, this is very annoying. Sometimes you stand in the heat for more than fifteen minutes to get to your own parking garage. My husband often calls so I can get the kids out of the car.”

File Scheveningenseslag. Photo Pieter-Jan


The fact that there is a regular traffic jam in front of the door causes even more nuisance. “People are impatient and often honk. Even in the evening when my children are sleeping. They wake up every time. Sometimes people just honk for five minutes in a row. Loud music is also annoying. The other day I thought I heard the Live on the Beach concert, it was just a car that was stuck in a traffic jam for half an hour,” says Tamar.


She is also concerned about their health. Her daughter has asthma. “We live here just for the clean air, but every time those cars with running engines in front of the door can’t be healthy.”

The barriers are clearly very annoying for the residents of this street, But that’s not all. Pieter-Jan explains that it also creates dangerous situations. It comes to a standstill on Gevers Deynootweg, people stop at the busy intersection and turn the car where it is actually not safe to do so.


The residents agree that something has to be done on busy days. “Firstly, the municipality must consult with the residents. We have never heard of this plan in advance and have never been asked how it is going. When we report the nuisance, little is done about it. Every time we hear that another department is responsible or that nothing can be done about it. The main project leader, with whom we were in contact, is even gone now and there is no replacement.” This move to the media is therefore the last attempt to do something about the problem.

“What would be a better idea than the barriers, is to close the street below Gevers Deynootweg and only allow residents let through. The other side streets are already closed down below. It used to be here too. Then we could just go home, then our street was not always full of cars.”

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