A main course with only vegetable products or a piece of printed meat. Brasserie Amare has opened in the new cultural center on the Spui with a plant-based menu.

Chef Vincent van der Zalm has worked in several starred kitchens and is very creative with his ingredients. At Brasserie Amare he cooks together with chef Nick ten Hagen 53% with vegetable products.

Also meat

What’s on the menu? 53 % of the dishes are based on vegetable seasonal vegetables and fruits. But on the menu you will also find fish, meat and cheese. A nice detail is that there are some local dishes on the menu, such as a Panna cotta with Haagsche hops.

In Brasserie Amare you can eat a la carte and they have a theater menu. In front of 37,48 euros you get a cucumber gazpacho in advance, as a main course Dutch asparagus and brownie with ice cream from Tia Maria for dessert.

And then there’s something special: 3D-printed meat. It looks like meat, has the same structure but is made from vegetable proteins and fats.

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