Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and something delicious in an oasis of peace and nature. In the background your playing child(ren) and a cozy group of farm animals. This must be somewhere in France do you think? Well no! This scene is just in Voorburg, at Hoeve Essesteijn. Last week Romy and her husband Jordy opened the doors of this nice place: “While you enjoy yourself, you also become aware that we have to take care of the earth.”

Both have an extensive background in the hospitality industry and the dream to start their own business. For a long time it remained a fantasy for Romy and Jordy. Corona came by and they also had a child, so the circumstances to start for themselves were not ideal. Until the party center Essesteijn in Voorburg was for sale.

Romy: “It is the ideal place for us because of its rural character and the petting zoo is located next to it. We knew right away that this had to become a day-to-day business, where people can enjoy food and drink while their children are having fun.”

Oasis of peace

Essesteijn farm is a gem of a place and an oasis of peace in the middle of the city. The national monument comes from 49 and the petting zoo of the same name is next to it, as well as the spacious 49 year old mill The kite.

There is also a beautiful spacious terrace with large picnic tables. Romy: “It has to become a real hotspot. Not only can you enjoy coffee, lunch and drinks here while your (grand) child plays, we also want to organize events. The mill and petting zoo are next door so there is plenty to do. An afternoon watching the miller, for example.”

The place fits exactly with what Romy and her husband stand for. “We think authenticity is very important. Because of the environment, as much as possible is organic, from the bread to the coffee. We want to make guests aware that we have to take care of the earth.”

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What can you find on the menu? Good organic coffee, from roasters who have close contact with the coffee farmers. But also delicious sandwiches, pancakes, and snacks from Haagsche Croquetterij. For the kids there is, among other things, a tasty sandwich with peanut butter and jelly. You also drink good organic wine and beer. “Everything as local, tasty and sustainable as possible”, concludes Romy.

Became curious about this beautiful place? Hoeve Essesteijn is open from Wednesday to Sunday from . to . hours. You can also rent this beautiful place outside these times, for example for a party or high tea.

Would you like to work on this beautiful farm? Romy and Jordy are still looking for nice enthusiastic colleagues. For all information, visit the website or send an email to

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