A new sofa is not only a major purchase, but also determines the atmosphere in the house. They are for sale in so many shapes, colors and materials that it is possible that you no longer see the sofa for you because of all the sofas. Fortunately, you can contact Seats and Sofas in The Hague for all your questions about seating furniture and appropriate advice.

Seats and Sofas is a specialist in the field of seating furniture in Europe. Do you always find it so annoying when you have to wait a long time for your ordered furniture? Seats and Sofas has come up with something for that: the Giant Take Away formula. This allows you to take the sofa home directly from stock. In short: buy today, sit down tonight!

Cohabitation, family expansion or just the children out of the house?

When is it time for a new sofa? Is that only when it has sagged considerably or would you like to find a new one every year to match with your interior ? Anyway, there are quite a few to choose from and that doesn’t make making a choice any easier. That is why the advisers of Seats and Sofas The Hague have listed a few for you:

You are going to live with the love of your life, but that old couch full of stains is really not coming into your new house. Then it’s time to shop for your first sofa together. Sounds easy, but what if you don’t have the same taste? Determine the color and material together. Then look at the stuff you’ve already collected and what would go with it.

You already have a family of four and another little one is on the way. A large sofa to relax on at the end of a busy day is not a superfluous luxury. Seats and Sofas even has models where you can fold up a part and use it as storage space. This is ideal for all your children’s toys and other things lying around. You know what they say: a tidy house is a tidy mind.

Or have the children all just left home? Then maybe it’s finally time for that one white or cream-colored sofa you’ve always wanted. You now have to worry less about stains that never come out. Perhaps you now need less space and you can add an easy chair with an ottoman so that you have ultimate seating comfort, wherever you sit.

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Would you like personal advice?

Visit Seats and Sofas The Hague and let one of the advisors help you further. They are ready to discuss all your questions and wishes. It is also possible to make an appointment without obligation.

Beautiful sofa for a low price

Do you want a comfortable sofa, but also have some money left over for the rest of your interior? Then take a look at the Pancho sofa. This two-seater sofa has narrow armrests so that you have more seating area. The unique stitching gives the sofa an industrial and tough look. Buy a footstool for even more comfort. You can use it as a footstool, extra seat or as a table. Perfect for when there are two or three of you at home and visitors come over. You can now order this sofa from 535 euros and receive it directly from stock.

Is a two-seater not big enough for your living room or household? Then complete the set with Pancho loveseat or 3-seater Bank. The Pancho is also available as a 4-seater and a corner sofa.

Pancho sofa | Photo Seats and Sofas


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