A striking outcome of the tender for student transport in Veldhoven: the Van Gerwen Group will carry out this job as a franchisee of DVG. Van Gerwen and the municipality of Veldhoven are currently just finishing a difficult four-year collaboration, in which they met each other in court several times.

The conflicts between client and carrier started with one of the few matters on which the parties could agree: the execution was not something to write home about in the beginning. But where Van Gerwen subsequently thought that the desired level was achieved quickly, the municipality thought otherwise. And that difference of opinion continued to determine the atmosphere for four years. The carrier was first given notice of default and then the contract was even terminated. For this, the taxi company successfully instituted summary proceedings .

Compensation for damages and bankruptcy The municipality of Veldhoven respected this statement and continued the cooperation, but the opinion was still that the transport was below standard. The carrier demanded compensation of 12.000 euros for legal costs and reputational damage, but the municipality rejected them. As a result, the company (in their own words) even went bankrupt, although a restart was quickly realized.

In proceedings on the merits about the entire conflict, the municipality was found in the right in the dispute about the quality of transport, but it did decide to cancel Van Gerwen’s contract until 1 July 2026 to be served. However, the announcement that the option for extension at the end of last year was not used came as a surprise to no one.

Wonders are not yet out of the world Not taking up the option meant that a new tender was put on the market. And that was won by franchise organization De Vier Gewesten, which works with one franchisee per region. In the area in question it is therefore the same carrier that already took care of this assignment. In the announcement about the new contract, the municipality of Veldhoven does not say a word about the difficult cooperation with Van Gerwen. Director Marco van Gerwen will do this to TaxiPro if requested.

“The wonders are not over yet”, he acknowledges. “We have indeed won this tender again, this time via DVG with us as the only carrier. Despite the significant price increase, this was successful, because no one else had registered. The latter is probably due to the maximum price that has been set in combination with the many routes for which drivers are needed in an area where many people are sought for work. This is doable for us because we also provide almost all other transport in Veldhoven, such as patient transport and transport for organizations such as Severinus and ASML.”

Trust in good cooperation Marco van Gerwen also indicates that the municipality is calling on Trafficon for contract management for the first year. The transporter will also have a different contact person at the municipality than in previous years, so that Van Gerwen has every confidence that everything will work out. From the municipality, the responsible alderman also indicated that he was looking forward to a successful cooperation. It will run for at least four years, from next school year up to and including 2026-2022.

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