The third candidate for the beachhunk election of 2022 would like to introduce himself: Joris has been working on the beach at Boomerang Beach for over 7 years. When he had just finished high school, he wanted to take a big trip. He needed some pocket money for that and that’s how his working period at Boomerang Beach started.

The big journey has come. Joris went to Sweden, but then returned to Scheveningen. Furthermore, Joris is still busy with his studies, he is now in his second year of entrepreneurial training.

What do you like most about working on the beach?

“Working on the beach is very relaxed because customers come here to relax. They don’t come for a quick business lunch. This ensures that most customers are happy and cozy. I also like working here at Boomerang beach because it is such an open space, unlike working in a ‘closed’ restaurant. Here you have the beach and the sea in front of you, the dunes behind you.

There is also a good atmosphere, everyone is involved in everything. For example, we all discuss the menu every season.”

What do you dislike about working on the beach?

“Working on the beach means enjoying the nice, warm summer days in a different way. You can go on holiday less quickly in the summer, or go out with your friends because you have to work a lot these days. You may work in nice weather, but you can’t enjoy it with your friends.”

What do you think are the best kind of customers?

“For me, the best customers are those who are impressed by, for example, a good glass of wine, the beautiful location, or the great service. And if they come back after that, then they are immediately my favorite guests. I also have a passion and a lot of interest for wine, so I like to explain a little more about it.”

What do you think are the less nice guests?

“On busy days we really do our best to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, but sometimes things can go wrong. An example: recently we ran out of chocolate sauce for the chocolate cake. I wanted a satisfied customer so I put a chocolate sauce over it, only that was white sauce. The customer could not appreciate this at all and was also angry about this. I think that’s a less pleasant customer.”

What is the best thing you can order at Boomerang Beach?

“The Boomerang Beach Burger is one of the tastiest things on the menu. This is a homemade burger from Blanc Bleu in Belgium, which is pressed and seasoned itself. And we give it a secret touch. You really must have tried it. The Boomerang omelette with lobster is also very good.”

What do you do for a little extra tip?

“I don’t necessarily have a trick that I use for extra tip. I think it’s important to always keep smiling, luckily that happens more often than that I really have to make an effort.”

Why do you want Indebuurt Beachhunk 2022 become?

“Because I’ve been going on the beach for a really long time, I’ve gained enough experience to be a Beachhunk. I am at home here on the beach and on the Path, everyone knows me and also knows that my face belongs to Boomerang Beach. And besides, I can’t get away from the beach, even on a rainy day I can be found here. This feels like my second home.”

We are looking for the beachbabe or beachhunk of 6292. We believe that the ladies and gentlemen who work on the beach deserve to be put in the spotlight. In the coming weeks we will introduce you to various hunks and babes from The Hague. When the last candidate has introduced himself, we ask you to vote for your favourite. The winner or winner will win eternal fame and a beautiful trophy with the title Beachbabe/-hunk 2020.

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