Let’s face it, having a sex toy in your nightstand is no longer taboo. In fact, with the average female resident of The Hague, there is probably one (or two, or three) in the bedroom. And curious as we are, we wondered: which toys are most used by residents. EasyToys tells us which three are favorites in The Hague.

#1 – Keep control with this toy

This EasyToys vibration egg is exciting for you and your partner. This egg brings in one of the two and the other gets hold of the remote. Use this toy as foreplay and enjoy this exciting moment. Extra exciting: because the egg is also waterproof, you can also enjoy an adventure in the bathroom together. No matter when you feel like it and no matter where you are, you are in control with this vibrating egg!

EasyToys vibration egg | Photo: EasyToys

#2 – Usable before and during sex

It will come as no surprise that residents, just like very female Netherlands, very enthusiastic about this toy with pulsating air pressure waves. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is therefore in second place of the top three in The Hague for a reason. The silicone cap feels soft and closes around the clitoris, which is then gently sucked in. Because the mouth of the sextoy only touches the clitoris, you can also have sex with your lover during use. That will be a double pleasure!

Satisfyer Pro 2 | Photo: EasyToys

#3 – Two stimulators for extra pleasure

Are you not that familiar with toys yet, but do you want to would you like to try one out? Then take a look at this EasyToys Lily vibrator. In addition to a clitoral stimulator, this vibrator also has a G-spot stimulator and ten vibration modes. So you are assured of wonderful highlights every time, when and how often you want.

EasyToys Lily vibrator | Photo: EasyToys

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