Do you ever go shopping in Naaldwijk? It feels like a day trip, but you don’t have to travel that far. The indoor shopping center is quite outdated and is now getting a makeover.

The parking garage of the De Tuinen shopping center has already been completely renovated and now the shops and entrances.


De Tuinen will include a Jumbo Food Market. The shops will also have large windows, new lighting and sleeker entrances. A few stores such as Rituals are moving during the works. It goes from the entrance on the Molenstraat to a building on the central square. Gerry Weber also gets a different place. Catering with public toilets will be located at the current location next to the escalator. In addition, the square in front of the entrance to De Tuinen is being tackled. There will be trees and benches.

Works will start next week and are likely to start 2022 finished. The Jumbo Food Market will open in October.

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