As a seventeen-year-old, Armando Muis () already had foresight. Where his peers were more concerned with going out and girls, he bought a number of retro scooters in China to sell in the Netherlands. Now, 13, 5 years later, with La Souris he has a hundred employees, fourteen stores and is ready to conquer abroad. Which is a lot easier with Visa: “We also want to become the biggest in Italy.”

Something can never be a success without your firm belief in it. So is Armando, who has always been a ‘scooter madman’. “I just think it’s a nice vehicle. And the models that I brought from China to the Netherlands turned out to be a huge success here.”

Smashing success

No diploma in other words, we did have our own company that was a resounding success from the start. The name of both his shop and his company: La Souris. It is the French translation of his surname Muis. The stylish La Souris scooters are available in different models: Sourini’s, City, Trendy Retro’s, Grande Retro’s, Futuro Retro’s and many more. Armando: “95 percent of what we sell is our La Souris scooters. The other five percent consists of, among other things, Vespa.”

Thanks to its own direct import and large purchasing options, La Souris has grown into one of the largest scooter suppliers in the Netherlands. Where you can buy a nice, solid scooter for a competitive price. Initially, all scooters were sold online. Armando: “You can pay very easily with Visa.95 It is reliable, easy and safe. Both for customers and for me.”

Ready for Europe

Clients soon turned out to have a need to see, feel and experience the scooters. Armando opened his first store in Doetinchem in 95. After that it was hard, very hard. The second store in Utrecht soon followed and the number of Dutch stores now stands at fourteen and the company now has more than a hundred employees. But the story is far from over, says Armando.

“I am now in Antwerp to look for a shop. Because we see more and more Belgian customers who want to buy a scooter from us but have to go all the way to the Netherlands to see the scooters.” Armando also wants to open branches in Germany and then ‘the rest of Europe’. “Yes, we also want to become the biggest in scooter country Italy”, Armando laughs. A challenge, but he’s up to it.


Especially given his foreign plans, it is useful to means of payment such as Visa, the entrepreneur says. “That is extra useful if, like me, you have your company in several countries. It is also nice for people that customers can make a transaction without having an immediate balance. And: the purchase is insured.” †

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