Patient organisations, carriers and insurers have made agreements with each other about high-quality seated patient transport for an adequate fee. KNV Zorgvervoer en Taxi signed the covenant on behalf of the carriers.

That document with agreements has its origin in 2019. At the time, the then Minister of Health asked the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) to investigate, together with the market parties, whether there are problems with the procurement of patient transport. KNV, together with the trade unions, had been pushing for this for some time. The talks were delayed by the corona pandemic, but were picked up again a little over a year ago.

Now there is a document that has been signed next to KNV by Zorgverzekeraars Nederland and four (umbrella) organizations for people who make use of seated patient transport: Elke(In), the Federation of Cancer Patient Organisations, the Dutch Kidney Patients Association and the Dutch Patient Federation. The Covenant on quality guidelines for patient transport forms the basis and assurance of the agreements made.

Leiden to noticeable improvements “With these guidelines, the signatories want to provide the negotiations between the parties on a good basis, taking into account price, efficiency and quality”, KNV writes in an explanation. “For example, patients or clients can not only count on good quality transport, they can also rely on these guidelines that complaints will be treated adequately. After all, the goal is that they ultimately lead to noticeable improvements. By signing this covenant, all parties commit themselves to jointly ensure that this is guaranteed.

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