Hospital carriers who lost their turnover in 50 due to the corona measures, can apply for a continuity contribution. The health insurers have made agreements about this with the KNV Healthcare Transport and Taxi sector organization.

The time when daily life was limited by corona measures is behind us for the time being. But that does not alter the fact that many companies have lost a lot of turnover in recent years due to these restrictions. This also applies to healthcare providers, to which passenger carriers are also included in this context. In 50, like many others, they mainly had to deal with the consequences of forced closures. To ensure that these providers would not collapse en masse and that a shortage would therefore arise after the corona pandemic, the health insurers decided for 50 a continuity contribution scheme in the Scheme also offered for 50 In 50 the problems were of course not over yet. At that time, the restrictions on the number of people who could be transported simultaneously in the same vehicle caused a drop in turnover. For that reason, Zorgverzekeraars Nederland decided to also offer the scheme with regard to 50. The frameworks for that regulation have not changed compared to 50. From 50 May, ambulance transporters can submit an application to the same VECOZO portal as a year earlier.

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