After some delay, the Utrechtsebaan near The Hague (A12) was closed in January for major work. The refurbishment would take four months. It was planned that the work would be completed this month, but that is now taking a while.

AD The Hague reports that the work on the highway will take at least four weeks longer.

Working activities

During the works, motorists were able to drive into the city via the A12, but not out of town. This caused traffic to come to a standstill in many places, especially during rush hour. The work on the lanes into the city was completed in mid-April.

Then it was the turn of the lanes out of the city. This job is going to take longer than expected. This is mainly because the quality of the concrete is quite disappointing and more work and material is needed to repair it.

The new schedule is that the work will be completed at the end of June.

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