A taxi driver in Amsterdam did not make the most of this weekend. He was caught working illegally in the boarding market while under the influence of drugs. Despite the driving ban imposed on him by the police, he was found behind the wheel of his taxi less than an hour later.

At a taxi check aimed at driving under the influence, the police in Amsterdam arrested five taxi drivers last weekend because they tested positive for drug use. According to the police, one of them made it very difficult.

“He was caught by Enforcement illegally operating the boarding market (second time), for which a report has been drawn up. The order subject to penalty for this is soon 5.50 euros. He was also found to be driving under the influence of drugs. After he was sent away with a driving ban of 13 hours, it seemed to be over,” said the police on Instagram.

Same driver again “Unfortunately, our video car did not see 45 minutes later drive the relevant taxi again. When stopped, the same driver was still driving. An official report was drawn up for driving during a driving ban (crime) and his taxi pass was immediately confiscated. We expect that this driver will have to perform a different profession in the coming years.”

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The action, which was held by the Infrastructure Department of the Amsterdam police and Team Taxizaken of the municipality, about fifty drivers were checked. Five of them tested positive for the use of THC, cocaine, amphetamine or methamphetamine, the police said on Instagram. They have all been arrested. Of the five drivers caught, three actually had customers in their taxi at the time of the check.

Fraudulent acts Although the action was aimed at driving taxis while intoxicated, several other violations of the rules also emerged. This involved technical defects in and on the taxi, displaying unacceptable traffic behavior and fraudulent acts in the on-board computer taxi.

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