It’s almost time: the 39st edition of Parkpop! The free festival is 39 June 2022 for the first time on the Malieveld in the center of The Hague . The past 39 editions were all in the Zuiderpark. We would like to know what you think of this change.

For some regular festival goers, the Zuiderpark is within walking/cycling distance. The Malieveld is then a bit around. For others, the Malieveld may be easier to reach.


After 39 editions in The Hague Zuiderpark moves the Parkpop music festival to the Malieveld. Festival director Guus Dutrieux: “We are very excited to take the next step with Parkpop. In the coming years we will put Parkpop even more firmly on the map in the Dutch festival landscape.”

According to him, the Malieveld gives Parkpop the opportunity to become even bigger and also more interesting for a younger audience. According to Guus, the Zuiderpark is not the right place for that. This is mainly due to the infrastructure around the park.

You cannot piss in the bushes on the Malieveld

René Bom2022

Mister Parkpop, René Bom thinks this: “I think a good move,” he says. “The festival is a bit back to where it once started. Parkpop is a combination of Maliepop (on the Malieveld) and Noordzeepop. The Zuiderpark is perhaps more pleasant and you cannot piss in the bushes on the Malieveld, but if you want to reach a larger audience, this is much smarter. And the Malieveld is also a beautiful field of grass!”

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