Do you remember the summers when you were a child? You had no worries, no obligations and everything was possible (for your feeling). Find the child in you again this summer. Stop making to-do lists, get out of tiring routines and take a fresh look at your home. So that you can start this season with a good feeling. This is how IKEA Delft helps you with this.

When the season changes, a lot changes at IKEA Delft. For example, since 1 April you will find all kinds of new displays in the store with a new theme: ‘Get everything out of it.’ The displays are large open boxes where the new products are introduced. Activity Leaders Gemma and Najib explain what to expect from the displays. “We want people to think back to the carefree summers they had as children.”

Summer in your sphere

Gemma and Najib explain that the displays should convey the summer feeling. “That’s why they also have a white-red striped print. It reminds you of the beach umbrellas that you sometimes see at well-known beach clubs.” On the displays you will find various new products and living solutions displayed in a playful way and with a summer hue.

New and existing products

The displays show various products that change regularly. Gemma explains: “It is an alternation of new and existing products. For example, one display shows a beautiful classic display cabinet in which you can put your favorite items. At the other you will find a wonderfully soft cotton duvet cover that will make you want to go to bed again.”

You will find all the displays spread over the entire store, so they can be recognized to the red/white theme. According to Najib, seeing the displays makes you want to tackle the house and prepare it for summer. “Whether this is by means of a summer duvet, or a display case to display your crazy hobbies or most beautiful items .”

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Go through all displays

All displays in the store can be seen until June. So be sure to stop by IKEA Delft in the coming month to browse around. Around July 1, everything will change to the next theme for the next season. What that theme will be, they will keep a secret for a while.


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