A gigantic bicycle shed was opened two years ago at Central Station. It was a big project with a nice price tag ( million euros). But then you also have some: 8500 spots, you enter the parking via an escalator and you can easily see through the lights where there is still a spot available.

If you are not often at the station should be, this parking facility may take some getting used to. Don’t have a handbrake? Then you have to hold your bicycle firmly on the escalator and before you can park your bicycle you have to scan your public transport chip card. The first day you can park your bike for free and after that you pay 1, euro per day .

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Lost bike

The parking has space for no less than 8500 bicycles! If you have been away for a weekend, it may be difficult to find your beloved two-wheeler among all those bicycles. Fortunately, there are row and seat numbers on the spots. You can try to remember it or take a picture of it.

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There is also another way to find your bike easily. These numbers have a QR code. If you scan it, you will come to a website with a download link. Before you can use this QR code, you have to download an app: VeloView. If you have everything on your phone, you can scan the QR code via this app and you can immediately save where your bike is.

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