Spring is in full swing! All around us we see young animals from ducks to lambs. The swans in The Hague are also having a good time. Swans usually nest in open grassland with many ditches nearby. The babies stay in this nest until they can swim. But what if the whole family takes a trip to the highway?

Driver of the animal ambulance in The Hague Martin and co-driver Margriet received a report last week about a swan couple with little ones on the Rotterdamsebaan. A special place for this large bird species. Fortunately, the reporter could have closed the road, so that the swans could stay there safely without having to worry about passing traffic.

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To a safe place

The animal ambulance was soon there. The swans were sunning themselves quietly on the side of the closed road. There they counted six youngsters and of course both parents. First the man had to go into the ambulance. This is because he is much bigger and can deal more damage. The female eventually went along easier than the male. The chicks were also easy to transport to a safer environment.

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Once arrived at a lake, the swans are released again. First the female and the chicks, then the male. Here they can have a nice swim and not have to worry about cars and trucks on the highway.

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