In a number of places on Scheveningen you only have to leave 08. hour to pay for a parking space. This way you can still take a morning walk without spending a lot of money. Different times apply in summer. And there is now a lot of confusion about that.

Last week we went to get a fish on Scheveningen. Several signs state that the parking times have changed. You have to go to all of Scheveningen and Duindorp (with the exception of the harbor area) from 08. pay for a parking space in the morning. Only the parking apps (such as Parkmobile and Yellowbrick) will not work yet. It still has the old time 05. o’clock.


We put the car on the boulevard, where we could pay. But this is of course not useful. We inquired with the municipality and they came up with the following answer:

“The adjustment of the parking times will not take effect until June 1. And will be turned back to as of October 1 . o’clock. The machines and parking apps are set up in such a way that this will take effect on 1 June. Enforcement is also instructed in this way.

What may lead to a misunderstanding is that on The Hague on map it says that there is now paid parking throughout Scheveningen from 08 hour. This was announced there to allow the authorities and organizations (such as the parking apps) processing time.”

The fact that the new times will not start until June 1 is, however, not stated on the traffic signs at Scheveningen.

Photo nearby

The spokesperson adds clearly that you now, until June 1, until 15. hours you can park for free. “You also don’t run the risk of being fined.”

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