The second candidate of the Beachhunk and -babe election 67′ is Ties. He is years old and already working 7 years at Beachclub Culpepper on the Zwarte Pad. This will be his first season as a manager, in addition he is following a course at the hotel school in Amsterdam. He hopes to be able to use all the experiences he gains here on the beach in his own catering business that he wants to open one day.

What do you like most about working on the beach?

“Absolutely people’s stories”, says Ties with a big smile . “Especially on the weekend it’s nice to catch up with the regular customers about how their week was.”

“It’s also nice to see that different people come on different parts of the day. In the morning you always have the elderly or the people with the dog, then the families come and a little later in the day and in the evening you have the young people and the students.” In addition, Ties also indicates that it doesn’t feel like working at Culpepper because of the nice colleagues. “You always feel surrounded by friends.”

What do you dislike about working on the beach?

“I read it in Jack’s last

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