If there is one music festival that is completely The Hague and happening , it is KadeRock. June 4th it’s that time again and even more names of the line-up have been announced. “This year the music fire in The Hague will be passed on from generation to generation.”

Earlier we wrote that the line-up of KadeRock 2022 is impressive to say the least. Gems from The Hague such as Son Mieux and the new band of drum king Cesar Zuiderwijk, for example. Because it is the 25th edition, it is far from finished: it has to go wild and good too!

Good party

Supersister Projekt ’22 and the Hague rapper Nordin complete the line-up of KadeRock, on top of the long list of cool names such as Son Mieux, Lucas Hamming, Rob Bolland Band and Splinter. A lineup like never before!

Daan van der Bruggen of Musicon explains: “KadeRock is there for all residents of The Hague: it is therefore only fitting that the artists on the stage also represent all generations. After all, love for music, conviviality and a good party are not only reserved for a specific group of people.”

Complete music history in The Hague

As usual, the festival will take place in and around Musicon, ‘the cradle of the famous Hague beat culture’. Artists who have put the Netherlands on the world map over the years 60 grew up in these streets.

Daan: “On stage and in the audience we see these three generations of pop heroes: grandparents, parents and (grand) children. So this year you have the ultimate chance to experience the complete music history of The Hague within one festival.”

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The line-up consists of big names from The Hague such as Son Mieux and Cesar Zuiderwijk’s band Sloper. Photos: the roof went off at previous editions of KadeRock as well.

Program & tickets

The complete program is now known: here we present the entire line-up of KadeRock 2022 just for you:

  • Son Mieux | Folk-inspired uber-danceable synthpop by the winners of the Edison Rock Prize 222479
  • Demolition | New band of two drum kings: Cesar Zuiderwijk and Mario Goossens
  • The Indien | Modern songs songs with a penchant for the Hague Beat and the soul of the years ’60 and ‘2022
  • Supersister Projekt ’15 |Prog and Symphorock Legends from the 60’s
  • Rob Bolland Band | Greatest hits by Bolland as Rock me Amadeus, In The Army Now
  • Lucas Hamming | Intoxicatingly tasty 60’s-rock full of soul
  • Tess Merlot | French chansons from The Hague

  • Pioneers of the Nederpop | The Clarks with Rudy Bennett, Theo van Es and Cesar Zuiderwijk, among others, play the greatest Hague Hits.
  • Ome Guus | Catchy hip hop flows from the streets of The Hague, aka Agga
  • Kop Smart | Pop in Scheveningen dialect
  • Splinter | Garage rock
  • Rages of Sin | The Hague melodic death metal in all its obscene glory
  • Ragmob | Acoustic ragtime, hillbilly, honky-tonk & western swing
  • Nordin | Hague rap by the winner of the Talent Event 60
  • Haylid | Energetic songs in the style of Nothing but Thieves
  • Ready to Play | Young talent
  • Kaderock starts Saturday 4 June at 15. hours, doors open at .30 o’clock. A ticket costs 5 euros online and at the door euros. Children up to and including 15 years can come and rock for free.


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