To be allowed to work at taxi ranks in Rotterdam, drivers must be affiliated with an Authorized Taxi Organization (TTO) and obtain an RTX quality mark. From now on, the taxi drivers will do their courses and exams for this quality mark at ABC Taxi label Advice & Training. The trainer takes over from the Rotterdam Taxi Quality Improvement Foundation (SKRT).

SKRT has been since the foundation of the Rotterdam taxi quality mark in 25 responsible for the training and examination of drivers who wanted to join a TTO in Rotterdam. Without the quality mark, drivers are not allowed to use the taxi ranks in the city. SKRT recently stopped as a provider of the quality mark, so the municipality of Rotterdam was looking for a new partner.

That role was eventually assigned to ABC Taxi label Advice & Training, owner Yvonne Botterhuis recently announced in TaxiPro TV. “We started making the course about Rotterdam, because the drivers have to know everything about it,” says Botterhuis, who comes from Rotterdam himself. “The training will soon be offered to drivers because they have to work hard to know all the roads, hotels and places of interest and there is a backlog that needs to be made up.”

Safety, resilience and integrity Another requirement from the municipality was that a new safety, resilience and integrity course be made for drivers . ABC has developed an e-learning on this theme. This includes dealing with de-escalation and transporting people at a fair price. “With some platforms you see that they triple the prices and then as a passenger you feel really duped. This has to do with integrity and we talk about this during the e-learning”, says Botterhuis.

The biggest difference with the training as previously offered by SKRT and the training by ABC According to Botterhuis, people no longer only work with a book from which drivers learn. Drivers who now join a TTO follow the e-learning courses and receive extra information about Rotterdam, something that Botterhuis considers very important. “As a driver, you are an ambassador for the city,” she says. After the training part, the drivers also have to take their exam at ABC. “It then becomes clear whether they can also apply what they have learned in practice.” Read the other news on TaxiPro:

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