In the past six months there has been 485 times burglarized in The Hague. Choosing the right lock is very important for securing your home. But which lock is best for your doors and windows? Locksmith Snel from The Hague knows the answer to that. They have six types of locks that experienced and certified locksmiths will place at your place. We list them all for you.

The experienced locksmiths of Locksmith Snel uit Den Haag stand 24 available for you hours a day, seven days a week. The company has a PKVW certification, which makes you a specialist in the field of home security. This gives you the best comprehensive and professional help. You can come here not only for opening and replacing all kinds of locks, but also for advice on burglary safety.

Cylinder locks

A cylinder lock is one of the most well-known locks. These locks have an SKG quality mark. This quality mark consists of a number of stars. The amount of stars indicates how well the lock is resistant to break-ins. It is wisest to choose a slot with at least three stars. But if that doesn’t work out cost-effectively, there are also plenty of locks available with fewer stars.

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Layer lock

This type of lock is always visible on a door or on a gate. Because the lock is easy to see, it often deters burglars who want to break into your home. Unlike other locks, this lock is very strong. If you now have a rim lock in the house or at the door, it can easily be replaced. Locksmith Snel can even place a new cylinder lock with a multi-point lock on top of the rim lock, which provides even more protection. Keep in mind that this option is also a bit more expensive.

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Security fitting

A security fitting is a thin metal plate around your lock that prevents burglars from breaking open the door so easily. These fittings come in all shapes and sizes. In addition to the difference in the degree of security, you can also determine the color of the picture. So you can choose what you feel safe with and what you find beautiful.

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Melt lock

The name of this lock already reveals what kind of lock this is: this lock is put in doors. Mortise locks are inserted into a door cutter. As a result, you cannot see from the outside that there is a lock on the door, except for the hole where the key has to go. At Slotenmaker Snel in The Hague they have different types and sizes. So let the technicians advise you if you are not aware of the differences. This way you always choose the lock that suits you.

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Additional slot

This lock is always placed in combination with another lock, for example with a regular cylinder lock. A side lock provides extra protection. Due to the striking appearance of this lock, burglars know that they do not stand a chance to get in with this type of lock. This lock is not only for doors, but also for windows. The advantage of this is that you can even open the window a crack, without having to be afraid of a burglary.

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Window Lock

Although most people call Locksmith Quick for the locks of a door, they can also put window locks. If your windows are not sufficiently secured, you will not be able to optimally secure your home. With window locks you can put your window on the cut. This way you get fresh air in and you don’t have to worry about being broken into. In addition to all normal locks, all window locks that Locksmith Snel places have an SKG quality mark.

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Everything at a glance

You have come to the right place at Locksmith Snel in The Hague if you need to replace a lock or if you need advice about burglary protection. Are you curious which locks are best for your doors and home? Fill out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible you included. †


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