A taxi driver in Amsterdam with such a 23. ecstasy pills was arrested on board, was sentenced by the judge to three years in prison. The judge did not agree that a customer would have left the bags full of drugs in the taxi without the taxi driver being aware of their contents.

In Amsterdam, the man was arrested during a regular traffic control. The driver resisted violently and an electroshock weapon was also found on board. The big catch, however, was in the luggage compartment: such a 23.000 ecstasy pills, good for a total weight of 50 kilograms. Opposition to the arrest and possession of a electroshock weapon was established by all involved, but the taxi driver denied that he knew that a large load of drugs was in his vehicle.

Bag contents unknown His version of the story: he drove from Brussels to Eindhoven at the beginning of this year with a passenger on board and his luggage in the back. The customer would have placed those bags in the trunk because of the risk of corona contamination. The driver says he did not know what was in the bags.

Once in Eindhoven, the customer announced that he would not travel back to Brussels, while according to the driver that was the original plan . The passenger is said to have asked for the bags to be returned to his wife in Brussels. The taxi driver agreed, but first drove to Amsterdam to visit a friend. He had a photo in his phone of that friend’s address.

Collect customer or visit friend? The judge however, does not find this reading of the issue plausible. For example, when he was arrested, he stated that there were dresses in one of the two bags. That contradicts his claim that he did not know what was in the bags. He also initially said that he was going to pick up a customer in Amsterdam, while he stated in court that he was going to visit a friend in that city. The judge does not consider it plausible that the person who drew up the official report would have misunderstood the taxi driver.

In all this, it does not help the man that he has been silent during various interrogations. and that he did not cooperate with the investigation into his phone. Finally, the court finds it implausible that a customer leaves two bags of ecstasy pills with a very high street value unattended with an unknown taxi driver to have them transported to Brussels. This would entail an enormous risk.”

Not previously convicted It has therefore been proven in court that the man the 23. deliberately transported ecstasy pills. It is also established that he violently resisted his arrest and that he had a electroshock weapon at the time of that arrest. When imposing the sentence, it was taken into account that the man only takes care of his son and that he has not previously been convicted of drug-related cases in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The judge sentence the man to a total of three years in prison, of which one year is conditional and minus the five months of pre-trial detention he has already served. He also gets his taxi back so that he can earn his income again after serving his sentence.

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