For Hans Claasen has been running his company Claas Coatings BV at the Laakhaven in The Hague for years, and he wouldn’t want that anywhere else. Although the neighborhood has gone through the necessary changes in recent decades, doing business here is never boring. Since Hans discovered the free help of the Ondernemers Portal it has also become a lot easier: “If I have a question, I get an immediate answer.”

Claasen Coatings BV is a family business, founded in 1989. It is the professional paint wholesaler for the painter and contractor and its head office is located at the Laakhaven. Claasen Coatings is also a partner in professional construction paints such as Sigma, Caparol and Boonstoppel Verf, tools and other products.

Welcome contribution

The area around Laak and de Binckhorst has been (to put it mildly) in recent years movement. Nothing is raked in or boring in this area and it is bursting with possibilities for both established and starting entrepreneurs.

Where as an entrepreneur you used to have to figure out everything yourself, there is also a lot in that area changed. “In the past, and I’m talking about years ago, I had to search for hours before I found an answer to my entrepreneurial question,” says Hans. “Anno 2022 the Ondernemers Portal offers a welcome and functional contribution. For example, if I need a new permit, for example for parking my cars, I will find an answer immediately on the website. It is neatly divided into topics, so you immediately click on your ‘counter’.”

Direct answer

As an entrepreneur, you will also find an almost immediate answer with regard to procedures and existing rules on the website of the Ondernemers portal , says Hans.” It is a well-arranged site where entrepreneurs can find the information or answer they want more quickly. It saves seas of time compared to the past.”

Hans has also subscribed to the newsletter of the Ondernemers portal. “It is regularly drawn up in consultation with several events and network meetings of local entrepreneurs. They lead to active management and policy, everything comes to life. I regularly participate in entrepreneurial activities, so you build a bond with each other and make each other stronger.” Hans can also find information about subsidy options at the Ondernemers portal: “And there is a separate page for market and street trade.”

Need help yourself?

Do you also need help with your business? Do you have any questions or do you run into problems? As an entrepreneur in The Hague, you can contact the Ondernemers portal for free for advice on the rules, permits and procedures of the municipality.

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