16 May 2022, by Victoria Séveno

In the extremely early hours of Monday morning, parts of the Netherlands were treated to a rare sight: a total lunar eclipse. Check out the moment in the video footage below!

The Netherlands sees rare total lunar eclipse

Conditions were practically perfect for the lucky few in the north of the country who braved the early morning in order to get a glimpse of the eclipse, as the weather was clear and dry and the sky was free of clouds. Things kicked off at around 4.30am, with the total eclipse starting at around 5.30am. Sadly, the early sunrise meant people in the Netherlands only saw the first 15 minutes of this rare spectacle.

One resident of the island of Terschelling caught the phenomenon on camera – take a look! 

Total lunar eclipses are fairly rare. The Netherlands isn’t set to see another one until December 20, 2029. The last one was in September 2015.

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