The two cats, Alpha and Omega, have been to the shelter of the animal center in The Hague before. Unfortunately they are back there now. They are two nice chatterboxes, but they both get special food which can be a bit tricky. Can you handle that? Then maybe you have a place for these treasures.

Omega and Alpha like each other, but other cats don’t. They don’t like dogs either. It would be best to have a quiet house with preferably an enclosed garden or screened-in balcony where they can enjoy the sun.

Special food

Omega still has skin problems that are controlled by medication and special food. Alpha has bladder stones, so she also gets special food. The problem is that the ladies both get different food, so they have to be fed separately.

Omega is the cuddly butt, which revolves around you. Alpha is a bit more on his own and will come and get a hug, with happy feet, but can also (like every cat) take a break once.

Are you interested in adopting Alpha and Omega? ? Mail to

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