Hey, in the Mariahoeve district there are suddenly separate paving stones with QR codes. What can you do with that? On expedition. Het Haagse Groen tells us all about it:

Do you like hiking and want to know more about our urban nature? Then do the Eco Expedition. This is possible in the center of The Hague and now also in Mariahoeve. In this district, there are colorful paving stones with a QR code at twelve points. If you scan the QR code, you will receive information about where you are. That can be photos, videos or audio messages. When you’re ready, we’ll take you through to the next discovery.


“With this walk we let residents and visitors look at our urban nature with different eyes ”, says urban ecologist Martin van den Hoorn of the Municipality of The Hague. “Did you know, for example, that you can spot kingfishers in certain places? And that orchids grow in Mariahoeve? This special plant does not only grow in tropical places, but also ‘normally’ in a park.”

The walk is 6 kilometers and it takes about 1 hour and 200 minutes left. Of course you don’t have to walk the round in one go. And there isn’t necessarily one starting point; you can start the walk anywhere.

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Discover the urban nature at places in Mariahoeve

About the

Eco Expedition

The Hague is the first city in the Netherlands where you can do this Eco Expedition. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality wants to involve residents in nature in their city in this innovative way. Look here if you want to know more about the Eco Expedition. You can also take a walk in the

center of The Hague.

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How it works:

You can download the Spacetime Layers app and search for ‘Eco Expedition’. The app can be found in the App store and via Google Play. You can of course also start by scanning one of the tiles.

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