The unrest in student transport has a negative effect on the development of children in special education. That is the opinion of the Children’s Ombudsman Margrite Kalverboer, who argues that there should be more supervision of students in the taxis.

Kalverboer made her statements on Sunday in a broadcast of the TV program pointer. It discussed the problems that exist in student transport and the question of why it has not been possible to solve them for years. Pointer spoke with, among others, parents, taxi drivers, various carriers and the Social Fund Mobility.

Kalverboer also appeared in the broadcast to word, who, in her role as Ombudsman for Children, regularly receives complaints about the quality of student transport. This concerns, for example, hour-long journeys in overcrowded vans and often changing drivers who are not always pedagogically trained. “Actually, I almost only come across cases where transport is so bad for the development of the child that they can no longer perform at school,” says Kalverboer.

Supervisor keeps the peace She states that the interests of the children who have to be transported are not always put first. “Now a lot is being looked at how it can be done as cheaply and efficiently as possible.” She therefore wants guidance in the vehicles more often, so that that person can keep calm and the driver can pay better attention to the road. In this way, Kalverboer hopes that children can start their school day rested.

This guidance is certainly not necessary on all vehicles, “but if the group is too large, or if the composition of the children is not goes together perfectly, then there must simply be someone on the bus who is not concerned with traffic, but with the children.” According to her, municipalities and parents should discuss this with each other. “In the short term it will cost extra money,” confirms Kalverboer, “but if you realize that children can then receive a better education, which they are often unable to do well at the moment, then it yields much more money than it costs.”

Ombudsperson’s advice on student transport It has happened more often in recent years that ombudsman organizations shed their light on student transport. For example, in 2019 the Ombudsman for Children conducted an investigation into student food, concluding that there is still a lot to gain. used to be. And not much later, the Youth Ombudsman of the Municipality of The Hague, based on his own research, came up with five recommendations to take transport to a higher level. lift.

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