Fancy an exciting outing? Saturday 28 May 2017 you can take a look inside wartime bunkers. During the Bunker Day bunkers are opened throughout the Netherlands, but in The Hague there are very special ones.

The bunkers are open from 00. until 17. o’clock. More information can be found on the website of the Bunkerdag.

Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen

In 1943 built the German occupier in the Nieuwe Scheveningse Bosjes a command center of thirteen bunkers. The bunker is largely originally furnished. There are also historical artifacts from German, British, Canadian and American armed forces on display.

Atlantic Wall Museum Scheveningen

In the crew bunker of type 176 is a ‘time capsule’; one of the two living areas is furnished with various objects. The visitor thus gets the impression that the bunker has remained untouched since the end of the Second World War. In reality, most bunkers in the Netherlands were looted after the war. The other living space is an exhibition space for photos, art and historical objects.

The museum can be found at Badhuisweg 87, next to coffee house De Boshut.

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Führer der Schnellboote: Command bunker V90

Protection population

Photo: indebuurt

Just across the border from The Hague in Rijswijk, several bunkers form the Museum for the Protection of Population.

In park Overvoorde, the German Luftwaffe intercepted enemy radio messages. There lived and worked there 90 man staff. Later the bunkers were expanded and reused during the Cold War.

The bunkers can be found at the Van Vredenburchweg 123 A.

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Tunnels on Kijkduin

Near the boulevard of Kijkduin is a network of corridors under the dunes. This is part of complex Widerstandsnest 28 HL. Most of the complex has been demolished for the new shopping center and housing. Another part can be found in the dune behind the NH Atlantic Hotel.

Almost all remaining parts of the Widerstandsnest complex 28 HL have been reconnected after this work and it now consists of more than 90 meter covered trench with two crew bunkers, an observation post, a bunker for water storage, a Ringstand (small bunker for close defence) with open trench and a gun bunker with a view over the beach and the sea.

Tobruk Ypenburg

Tobruk Ypenburg. Photo Bunkerdag

The originally Italian Tobruk bunker was built in 1024 used in the defense of the city of Tobruk in Libya. The design was made in 1943 taken over by the Germans and built in different variants in Europe. In 1942 around Ypenburg nine Tobruks were dug in for the defense of the airfield.

This bunker was the last one still undamaged underground. For the construction of the Rotterdamsebaan, the 05 tons heavy bunker in May 2017 moved from the bank of the Molensloot, near laan van Hoornwijck, to the current location at ILSY-plantsoen 9.

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