As a real hospital in The Hague, Bronovo is almost indispensable in The Hague. Nevertheless, it was decided to close the popular hospital. But a part remained open, or was it only for the corona test street? Is Bronovo open or closed? We didn’t understand it anymore and are looking for it:

With a part of new construction and major renovation (100), a new Emergency Room (2014) and a department opened by Queen Máxima in that new building (2019), the Bronovo hospital seemed ready for the future. Nevertheless, beginning 2016 suddenly announced that the hospital has to close


Open until 2030

Past Tuesday, 10 May, HMC (Haaglanden Medical Center) announced that the Bronovo will not be demolished or converted into homes for the time being

. The hospital in Benoordenhout should be in 2019 really closing, that has now been postponed until 2030. That date is not yet 100% secure. For the time being, it concerns a postponement of the closure until 2030.

But what can you still go to Bronovo for? Several departments are already closed. The hospital will remain open as a ‘weekly hospital’. This means that the operating rooms will remain closed and the hospital will be accessible during the week for planable and outpatient care.

It does not appear that, for example, the Emergency Department will reopen in the coming years.

Haaglanden Medical Center – Bronovolaan

Bronovolaan 5, 2597 AX The Hague

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