If there is one thing that makes us happy in the area, it is beautiful shop windows. In that regard, we will be spoiled for the foreseeable future, because from this week on you can admire the coolest three-dimensional shop windows throughout the city center of The Hague. And there is a very special thought behind it!

Since corona, a lot of vacancy has (unfortunately) been added in the city center. Fortunately things are getting back on track and nice businesses are opening again on a regular basis. There is now something special going on with a number of retail properties that are still empty: the shop windows seem to have been transformed into a ‘diorama’.

Cultural institutions such as the Paard, the Mauritshuis, Escher in the Palace, Children’s Book Museum and Sound & Vision are creating a kind of mini-show in empty shop windows in collaboration with the municipality and property owners. You have to stop for a moment to look. The project is called Culture in the Window and that is exactly what you can expect. Check out the photos:

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Don’t just buy

You get a kind of interactive ‘sneak-peak’ of a current exhibition, collection or concert. So that, and that is immediately the thought behind it, you will want to go there. The cultural offer in the city is made easily accessible because you will encounter it throughout the city center of The Hague. And of course it looks a lot nicer :).

“This way we kill two birds with one stone”, says alderman Saskia Bruines. “It is special to watch and the cultural institutions in The Hague, which also had a difficult time due to corona, get a stage. In this way we also tell that the city center is more than just a place to buy. You can live, work, study or of course visit art and culture. The project is a great collaboration between cultural institutions, the owners of the vacant buildings and the municipality. But above all, a nice surprise for the passer-by who has something beautiful to look at.”

Here you will find the first shop window

The project is running until the end 2022: this week the first shop windows are already ‘filled’. In the shop window of the old Hudson’s Bay building on the Spuistraat side you can now see † Have you spotted it yet? More and more are added every year, so you will be surprised every time.

Saskia: “The shop windows are sometimes spectacular. Also nice to take a selfie with!”


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